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Shades and Blinds Installation

Need help with shades and blinds installation in South Florida?

Shades and blinds can drastically reduce your energy bill, making your home and your bank account a bit greener every day. Not only do they make your home more energy efficient, they also make a fashion statement in your home that can be observed both inside and out, but they need to be installed properly.

Florida Blinds and Drapery has installed both shades and blinds all over South Florida and abroad. We can handle the whole process for you, from at-home shopping consultation to measurements, and the final installation.

First, we’ll help you find the best shades and blinds

Regardless of where you buy your shades and blinds, you’ll want to make sure that they’re made of quality materials that will last from authorized dealers. Before you buy your shades and blinds, you should measure your home to make sure you buy what you need the first time.

Measuring your home for the shades and blinds to match

After you shop for your shades and blinds, you’ll probably have an image of what they’ll look like after they’ve been installed. It’s easy to go by the image in your head, but actually installing it is a different story. Make sure your windows are accurately measured and leveled. If you need help with this, we offer professional measurement services for shades and blinds.

Installation and enjoyment

You’ve got your measurements and tools, and you’ve ready to install your shades or blinds. We’re confident you can handle the job, but make sure you’ve researched everything and know what you’re doing; if you don’t install your shades and blinds together, they can easily fall or damage your window and other items in your home.

If you’re looking to hire someone to install shades and blinds in your South Florida home, make sure you pre-qualify them before reaching for your wallet. Florida Blinds and Drapery has installed shades and blinds in more homes than we can count, and we can do the same for you.

Maintain and repair your shades and blinds

Once your shades and blinds are installed and you’ve had time to stand back appreciate them, you should try to work them into your regular cleaning schedule. Your shades and blinds are your home’s secondary defense from the sun’s intense rays, so you’ll want to make sure they’re free of dust and debris that could burn and stain your blinds or shades.

Homes with pets and high traffic are also even more prone to damaged shades and blinds, so regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. If your shades and blinds become damaged or stained, you should have them repaired right away; we specialize in repairing and maintaining shades and blinds in South Florida homes.