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Need help installing shutters in South Florida?

If installed correctly, shutters can provide architectural appeal both inside and outside your home. There’s a huge difference between beautiful shutters and scary shutters, and it begins with the first measurement. Florida Blinds and Drapery excels at shutter installation for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Finding the shutters you can’t shut up about

We offer a large selection of both interior shutters and exterior shutters from the best providers; we don’t work with sub-par quality products, and neither should you. Wherever you get your shutters from, make sure you buy quality, name brand products from authorized dealers.  If you’re overwhelmed or just have too many favorites, our at-home shopping consultation service can connect you with our designers who are familiar with all shades and colors.

Finding the “just right” shutter size

Shopping for your new shutters is a bit more involved than just clicking and grabbing for your credit card, but we can help. Before you purchase your shutters, you should make sure your home is accurately measured and leveled. We offer several resources that can help you measure your space, but we recommend getting your home measured with our professional interior measurement services.

Shutting down your shutters

After your home has been measured and you have your shutters and enough confidence to install them, you’ll want to make sure you have the tools and knowledge as well. Poorly installed shutters can cause a lot of problems later down the road and can even cause serious damage, so professional installation of shutters in your South Florida home is even more important. We provide professional and licensed installation of shutters in South Florida, but regardless of who you choose for the job, make sure you pre-qualify them before inviting them over for an estimate. If you want to attempt it by yourself, make sure you have the correct tools, a partner, and check out our resources for tips and tricks.

Once your home has been measured and your window treatments are ready, it’s time to install them correctly in your home. There are many factors to a good installation; a low-quality installation will cost you cash and headaches in the future, so always make sure you pre-qualify the person you choose to install window treatments. Florida Blinds and Drapery has installed window treatments, both custom and ready-to-order, in thousands of homes in South Florida. If you feel comfortable installing window treatments yourself, make sure you have all of your tools beforehand, and preferably a partner.

Shutter repair and maintenance

As you can imagine, shutters outside your home will require more maintenance than those inside, but you should make sure your shutters are maintained as part of your normal cleaning schedule. Your exterior shutters are subject to harsh heat, torrential rains and heavy winds, so make sure they’re cleaned and structurally sound. Your interior shades may not experience the harsh elements Florida weather has to offer, but they do require the same care: regular cleaning, dusting, and maintenance for structural integrity can make all the difference.

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Be sure to check out our large selection of shutters from only the best the industry has to offer.


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