How much do automated shades cost and what are the advantages of automated over manual shades.

The early sun is rising and you’re comfortably nestled in bed, you forgot to close your shades the night before so now you’re faced with a dilemma. Do you let the sun continue to glare in your face or do you get out of your warm and comfortable bed to raise the shade?

A simple and easy solution for this dilemma is automated shades.

Automated shades are often thought as an extravagance when remodeling your home.  One simple question needs to be asked when considering whether or not to purchase automated shades, how much is it worth to you not having to get out of bed to lower or raise your blinds.

Automated Shades Cost and Benefits

When thinking of automated shades, cost is a major deciding factor on whether or not to buy automated shades. Most brands offer automated shades that can be purchased for less the cost of a smartphone, starting at $350 per shade.


One major benefit that offsets the cost of automated shades is convenience. At the click of a button you can open and close your shades with ease.

There is no need to get up from your desk or bed to hassle with annoying strings or wands to operate your shades.  All you have to do is operate your remote control with one hand to fully control the amount of sun you desire in your room.

automated shades in bathroom

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another advantage of purchasing motorized shades. In the winter when the sun is shining simply push a button to open the shades and allow the sun to warm your room without the need for artificial heat. In the summer simply lowering the shade keeps the hot air out and the cool air in.

Being able to protect furniture from harmful Ultraviolet rays is another added bonus of having motorized shades. No matter where the sun’s position is at during the day shades can block out and protect your homes furnishings by about 80 to 100% depending on which sheer weave or opacity you choose.

Synchronization is another bonus added into having automated shades, using your remote you can control every shade to open and close at the same time.

Programmable Shades

automated shades

The advantage of having programmable shades is the convenience of being able to adjust your shades remotely. If you are working late or on vacation that added sense of security can give you peace of mind.

Other reasons to think about automated shades include decreased wear and tear on due to the diminished tugging and pulling caused by manual lift systems and cords.

Automated shades are also quiet, the motor is hidden within the track and cannot be seen or heard. No noisy reels, no cranks, no aggravation.

Automated Shades worth every penny

Hard to reach windows are no longer a problem with automated shades. Access to these shades are as easy as clicking a button.

When thinking about purchasing automated shades’ having the power to control natural light at the press of a button is worth every penny. Automated shades are a great option for any home and can fit into almost any budget.