Pleated  and cellular shades are a beautiful option for any window because they allow light to come in as well as providing necessary privacy along with sophisticated quality to the decor of any home. The only con to pleated/celluar shades is the cleaning process and the some-what difficult task of maintenance.

Before doing any cleaning on the shades you have to determine what kind of fabric your pleated shade is constructed of. Pleated shades made of fabric are a little harder to clean, while some manufacturers their  pleated/cellular shades are made of anti-static which makes them easier to clean and dust does not adhere easier to wipe off.

Preventing any dust from forming is the most important thing to keep in mind with pleated shades, dust is more likely to accumulate on pleated shades in the cracks and crevices because of the way they are constructed.

Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades should be vacuumed weekly

As a general rule pleated shades should be vacuumed weekly. Make sure to the brush attachment and run the vacuum brush over each slat of the shade, working from top to bottom.

Take extra care while using the brush attachment to not crush the fabric pleats. It is not necessary to clean both sides of the pleated shade every week, instead once a month remove the shade from the window to clean both sides.

Use Microfiber towels

Microfiber towels are a great tools to effectively clean pleated shades. Wet the microfiber towel and then squeeze to remove any excess water. Use the damp towel to wipe each slat on the shade to remove any dust/dirt.

Pleated shades that are constructed with anti-static material are easier to clean. Using the brush attachment to vacuum the shade is the easiest way to keep dust from accumulating any dust or dirt.

Dish Detergent and water

For stubborn stains use a small amount of dish detergent mixed with water. Try not to scrub too hard which might cause the blinds to be damaged, and if you rub too hard you flatten the pleats, using less detergent and a little more water is helpful in this.

To rinse out the detergent dab lightly with a damp cloth on the spot. Pat with a clean dry towel to remove excess water.

Additional caution and care when cleaning pleated/cellular blackout material as the fabric could be permanently creased

Dry cleaning is not recommended and may void the manufactures warranty.

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