For many reasons, Florida home owners might want to install shades in our homes because they provide both aesthetic and practical benefits, such as privacy and managing the intense summer heat. Here at Florida Blinds and Drapery, we offer our clients a choice of styles that best suit their needs.

Solar shades, also called sheer weave shades, reduce glare and protect furniture and flooring from fading. Yet, they still allow you to take advantage of the sun, naturally lighting a room in a soft, enjoyable glow, and allow you to keep your view of the outside, something that completely opaque treatments don’t allow when closed.

Wood blinds are a stylish, if slightly more expensive option, over plastic verticals. However, they also offer the advantages of easier cleaning, a longer lifespan, and add a richer look, and better texture due to their thickness, than even the most expensive of synthetics.

Woven woods offer our customers a quick way to add a warm, inviting look to a room, and provide your decor with a rich, green texture. They complement Miami and Broward County’s tropical style quite well. Our selection, for example, contains some of Florida’s favorite woven wood shades made from natural materials like reeds, grasses, bamboo, and a variety of woods.

Graber® CrystalPleat™ Cellular Shades are a great combination for those looking for energy efficiency and style in their window treatments. Crafted from quality light-filtering, point-bond woven fabrics, as well as a variety of elegant and lavish spunlace options, these shades get their high energy efficiency by the pockets of air formed by their cellular designs, making them a great option for Florida summers.

Vertical blinds are an easy to care for, long lasting option that will give your room a modern look. They’re also easy to install, and an ideal option for sliding glass doors, which are commonly found throughout South Florida.