Although “treatments” sounds more of a restorative/repair service, custom window treatments provide a multitude of aesthetic and tangible benefits to any South Florida home. Here are a few offered by us as Florida Blinds and Drapery:

Drapery panels are, simply put, panels of fabric hung most often from a window to provide an aesthetic benefit to the room, as well as having numerous practical values, such as privacy, light control, and insulation.

Bed curtains and canopies are an elegant choice for those with poster beds, as well as those who want to have the unique look of hanging fabrics and headboards. Here in South Florida, it’s common to choose something light and airy, which will keep you cool in the heat, while not losing the aesthetic of tropical locales common to the state. They’re also great for added privacy and whimsy to a room shared by siblings or visitors.

A window valance is a type of treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window, and are widely used for concealing the hardware used to hold up drapes or blinds, though they may also be hung by themselves. They’re great complimentary pieces for either drapery or blinds.

A cornice, when used in the context of window treatments, is similar to a valance, in that it’s commonly used at the top of the window, to hide the opening mechanisms for curtains. Unlike valances, though, cornices are most commonly made of wood, and are also a useful complement to longer treatments.

Roman shades are a type of treatment used to block sunlight, which is raised and lowered by a spring, cording or motorized mechanism. The latter option is great for keeping kids’ rooms cool in the Sunshine state, while providing younger ones the safety of not having hazardous cords within reach, and are offered by us in a variety of styles.