Find out what are the best ways to prevent sun damage indoors and protect your furnishings.

When going outside we all know that by applying sunscreen we have one of the best defenses to blocking out the sun’s harmful rays and the damage it can cause.

But are you aware of the effects those same sun rays have on your home furnishings?

How do sun rays damage home furnishings?

damaged from sun chair

Chair Damaged from Sun

Many believe that having tinted windows helps block out the sun’s rays but they only block out a certain percentage but still allow heat in. Window treatment can block harmful rays while cooling off your home.

Natural light is great but can be harmful to your furnishings over time. Direct or even non-direct sunlight can cause fading, discoloration and even damage to fabric. UVA and UVB rays account for the most damage along with heat and infrared energy.

Ultraviolet rays are the most damaging because they are almost constantly there, even on cloudy and rainy days.

Leaving windows unprotected allows UVA and UVB rays to penetrate your home and over time ruin your home furnishings.

What is the best protection from Sun rays?

The best protection one can buy for their home furnishings is window treatments. Window treatments when lowered can block up to 99.9% of harmful rays depending on which gradient you choose.


Faded Wood Floor

The more the gradient the more sunrays are blocked but the less you can visibly see through the window, lower gradient allows for more visibility through the window.

Window Treatments have many benefits

Window treatments are not only great for blocking out sunrays the also keep hot air out during the summer and warm air in during the winter.  Before the heat of the day builds inside your room it is a good idea to close your blinds to block any sunlight and heat that may enter your home.

Window treatments made with a reflective backing, such as a laminated polyester film are great at reflecting the sun’s UV rays from making its way through the window and into your home.

This shade is great at giving you privacy while protecting your furniture and carpets and allows you to see outside.

When looking for window treatments to safe guard your furnishings there are a multitude of options. From roller shades, woven woods, wood blinds, even automated options.

What you should know when shopping for Window Treatments?

Damaging UV Rays

Damaging UV Rays

When shopping make sure to compare window treatments that offer an Ultraviolet resistant coating along with window treatments that are marked as “solar shades.”

Shades can come in different protection levels just like sun lotions come in a range of SPF’s, stop by our showroom today to look at all your options and find the perfect window treatment for your home.